DukeImmerse Welcomes New Students

The Kenan Institute announces 8 new participants for the spring program on global displacement:

Ahmed Birik

Ahmed Salat is a sophomore from Kenya majoring in Public Policy and Arabic. He loves watching and playing soccer, traveling and speaks 4 languages.

Grace Egan

Grace Egan is a Trinity junior majoring in Political Science and International Comparative Studies with concentrations in Security,
Peace, and Conflict and Latin America and the Caribbean. She enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, and baking lots of cookies.

Elizabeth Farmer

Elizabeth Farmer is a Trinity freshman from Chapel Hill hoping to major in biology and minor in French. Elizabeth is a member of Duke Dhamaka (a competitive bhangra team) and enjoys going to duke games with her friends.

Ryan Hastings

Ryan Hastings is a Trinity freshman from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania who is (maybe) hoping to study cultural anthropology and education. He loves playing the marimba, painting, and visiting the Duke Gardens ad nauseam.

Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard is a Trinity freshman from Clarksville, Tennessee hoping to major in Public Policy and International Comparative Studies. Catherine loves hiking and going to concerts.


Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson is a Trinity sophomore from Raleigh hoping to major in public policy and french. Alex plays the piano and loves reading and goats.

Caleb Kornfein

Caleb Kornfein is a Trinity freshman from Sebastopol, California hoping to major in economics or public policy. Caleb loves playing the piano, reading, and cheering on Duke basketball.

Mahima Varma

Mahima Varma is a Trinity Junior, majoring in Sociology and Psychology from India. Mahima loves dogs, Bollywood and long debates about controversial things.