DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted students head abroad for field work

Nepal-1KIE’s DukeImmerse program, the first of its kind, is now in its third year of sending undergraduates for a month of field work on the issue of displacement. Throughout the semester, a group of selected applicants take the same four courses on forced global migration through the lens of different disciplines, as well as explore the ethics of field research. This year, six of the students have traveled to Nepal for the last time to visit the Bhutanese refugee camps there. Viewed as one of the most successful sites in the world, there are few refugees who still await resettlement. The other six students have traveled to a new location, Jordan, to visit with Syrian refugees encamped there. Once they return, the students will compile refugee interviews into reports and recite monologues derived from the refugees’ life stories. Last year’s reports and videos of the recitations may be viewed on our 2013 DukeImmerse web resource.

Throughout the next few weeks, read the students’ take on their experiences on the 2014 DukeImmerse Research Journal.