DukeImmerse: Deconstructed/Reconstructed: Open for Applications

4 classes. 4 weeks abroad. One life changing experience. Explore the dynamics of the current crisis and the challenges it poses for refugees, host communities and international law. Work with refugees locally and internationally.

Courses in field research, ethics of ethnography, global migration and Middle East politics are listed in AMES, CULANTH, ETHICS, ICS, POLSCI, and SOCIOL. Codes include ALP, CCI, CZ, IE, QS, R, SS, AND W.

De-constructing/Re-constructing the Refugee Experience aims to offer concrete, research-based interventions to address both the causes and consequences of this crisis. For part of the semester students hone basic field research skills, conduct life story interviews with Durham-based refugees and collaborate with local refugees on a series of support structures to integrate refugees into the local community. Mid-semester, the group travels abroad to conduct life story interviews. Duke students and faculty collaborate both with refugee communities and international, national and local NGOs working with these communities. Working from a variety of methodological, theoretical, disciplinary and political perspectives, participants address a single research question: How does displacement affect the well-being and social identity of those displaced?

Application: Applications Due: October 21 at midnight to Suzanne Shanahan.  Application should include a 1 page single spaced letter of interest, a resume, the names of two faculty references and the title of the last work of fiction you read and 3 sentences on what you thought about it.

For any questions, contact Suzanne Shanahan.