Team Kenan Do Lunch with Marc Dreyfors, Mar. 27

Team Kenan’s Do Lunch series provides an opportunity for students to engage in ethics-based discussions and to learn more about how they might apply what they have learned at Duke in this community and communities around the world.

Come join a lively discussion on the increasing dilemma of biofuels vs. food production in a resource-constraining world. Drought, flood, heat and fires caused by greenhouse gases are affecting land-use and global climate. How will we feed ourselves, much less fuel our growth-dependent economies? Can we lift the 2 billion developing country poor out of poverty while the impacts of climate disruption unfold? We are facing fewer and harder choices, but the answers may lie within the choices we make daily.

Marc Dreyfors is a graduate from the School of Foresty and Environmental Studies at Duke. He has tested all aspects of our market economy, willingness-to-pay and decision-making processes through the operations of several green businesses, including fair trade handicrafts focusing on areas of high biodiversity, the construction of a biodiesel plant and fuel distribution company and a green transportation business.

When: Wednesday, March 27th at noon
Where: 101 West Duke Building
RSVP: Here.