CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Faculty-Led DukeEngage Programs

DukeEngage seeks proposals for faculty-led programs. Deadline Aug 26

DukeEngage is seeking proposals for new faculty-led programs in the U.S. and abroad for Summer 2025. The deadline is Monday, August 26, 2024.

DukeEngage consists of 20+ eight-week, faculty-led summer programs, each enabling small groups of students and faculty to collaborate with a community to address critical societal needs through an immersive summer of community engagement.

DukeEngage is seeking new program proposals with a particular focus on the following areas: healthcare, food, engineering, the climate crisis, energy, environment, sustainability, racial equity, health and wealth disparities, civil discourse and democracy, urbanization, and the urban/rural divide. Programs can be located anywhere in the world, except for regions restricted by Duke. However, we are particularly interested in building a portfolio of programs based in Durham, other parts of North Carolina, and rural areas across the United States.

We strongly encourage proposals that intentionally create links between DukeEngage and Bass Connections or any of the expanding +Programs. These proposals should aim to establish groundwork by serving as precursors to DukeEngage programs or provide follow-up initiatives that build upon the experiences and outcomes of DukeEngage projects.

Proposals for a Summer 2025 program are due August 26th. For faculty wanting to explore the possibility of a program in Summer 2025 or Summer 2026, DukeEngage has site exploration funding for logistical research and relationship building with potential partners. We will entertain exploration grants up to $5,000 per program. Site exploration funds can be awarded at any time during the year. To apply for site exploration funds, please send a query to Inga.peterson@duke.edu.

The Basics

  • The average size of the cohort is 8 students.
  • The core of the program for students is full-time work with one or more community organizations for eight weeks. Some programs disperse students among multiple organizations, while others work as a team with one organization.
  • Each program begins with a mutually beneficial partnership between a faculty Program Director and one or more community organizations. Student work must be guided by the community and may consist of direct service, capacity building, or community-based research.
  • Work is accompanied by cultural immersion and regular, intentional critical reflection.
  • 2025 programs can run between May 15 – August 15, 2025.
  • DukeEngage hires site coordinators to be on site for the full eight weeks. Faculty must spend at least the first two weeks on site; ideally
  • The program is fully funded for all participants. In addition to travel and living expenses, program budgets include a small allotment for cultural enrichment.
  • The DukeEngage Program Director role description and general timeline of responsibilities can be found here. Faculty compensation is provided in the form of a supplemental payment.
  • Additional program development considerations can be found here.


We especially value programs that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Arise from existing partnerships
  • Focus on a new or compelling theme
  • Are in a location where there are currently no other repeating DukeEngage programs

Proposals should include:

  1. Faculty director(s) + contact information
  2. Location (city/community, state, country)
  3. Theme(s) (see our website for examples; new themes are welcome)
  4. How long the faculty director(s) envision(s) being on site beyond the first two weeks
  5. Potential partner organizations
  6. Potential full-time student projects/work
  7. Brief description of the community
  8. Your prior experience in the proposed community
  9. Potential prerequisites (language, skills) or academic connections for students

We’re happy to serve as a sounding board as you consider a proposal. Send any questions you might have to Inga Peterson (inga.peterson@duke.edu) Once we receive your proposal, we will be in touch for more details.