Bass Connections project aims to improve health for N.C. community

Bass-KIEJohn Stanifer, a resident in nephrology with the Duke University School of Medicine, recently spoke with the Duke Global Health Institute about his work on an upcoming Bass Connections project, “Spirituality, Self-Management, and Chronic Disease Among Ethnics Groups of Robeson County, N.C.” The project is one of two selected for additional funding from the Silver Family Fund, supporting projects that align thematically with the Kenan Institute for Ethics’ program areas. Robeson County, a community with a majority American Indian Lumbee population in southeastern North Carolina, comes in last place for health outcomes among the state’s 100 counties.

This is the beginning of what I consider to be a long-term commitment to working with the people of Robeson County,” said Stanifer. “Ultimately, our hope is to effectively address the huge disparity in outcomes for patients in this region with kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.