Stephanie Green Reflection 6/14

The national attention from the murder of George Floyd brought normalization to speaking out against anti-racist violence and injustices perpetuated by their own institutions. There was a rise in diversity initiatives, anti-racist task forces, and statements of solidarity. However, since much of this discussion was new, there was a large influx of interest with little long term action and long term changes for the communities that most need it. My hope to contribute to positive lasting change is to understand that while there are historic and systemic issues that are engrained, the needs of each community I engage in will be specific and it is important to understand those particular needs rather than just focusing on overarching systemic inequalities. Furthermore, it will be important to keep up on efforts that are long lasting within the healthcare space to see how our current fight against social determinants of health and health inequities are evolving and we can thus adjust our medical practice to adjust to new needs.