Associate Director Shanahan chairs committee to revise Duke curriculum

SuzanneDuke’s undergraduate curriculum was last revised in 2000, before programs like DukeEngage, DukeImmerse, and Bass Connections began to create new pathways and opportunities for so many undergraduates. After an initial informal inquiry, Arts and Sciences is launching a three-year exploratory committee aimed at revising the curriculum to reflect the changing educational landscape for Duke students. The committee is chaired by KIE Associate Director Suzanne Shanahan. The full scope of the project is outlined on Duke Today.

Describing it more as a “big tweak” than an overhaul, Arts and Sciences Dean Laurie Patton laid out three goals of the process: 1) Clarify and simplify the logic of the curriculum; 2) Create more opportunities for exploration and creativity in the curriculum; 3) Rethink Duke’s vision of disciplinary education.