Better Together—Creating Community Across Ideological Divides

Launched three years ago with generous funding from the Foundation for Excellence in Higher Education, the Arete Initiative sponsors courses, lectures, conferences, and research that concern the pressing questions of meaning, value, and spirit that confront us as human beings and citizens. At Arete, we believe that we are best able to consider such questions when we expose our convictions to the scrutiny of an intellectually diverse community of friends who will both support and challenge us. We encourage the cultivation of intellectual and civic virtues, and strive to foster community across ideological divides between those who share a passion for and commitment to genuine truth-seeking amidst honest disagreement.

The Arete Initiative is directed by Jed Atkins, E. Blake Byrne Associate Professor of Classical Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science at Duke University. John Rose of the Kenan Institute for Ethics is the program’s Associate Director. Ongoing projects include a high school summer program on virtue and a summer program in ethics for medical students led by Dr. Farr Curlin, a member of Arete’s faculty steering committee.


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