A Reflection on the Time We’ve Lost from a LaunchLab Tutor, DukeEngage Guide

Picture of Stephanie Mayle

In a guest column for the Chronicle, Stephanie Mayle T’20, a LaunchLab Tutor of four years and DukeEngage Guide and Preceptor, reflected on the moment that her and thousands of others had the closure of their college experience ripped away by the pandemic. 

The time of COVID-19 is a time of loss. The loss of life, of profit, of stability, of peace of mind. For me, the loss of two months that I expected to be some of the most meaningful in my life. The community that grew me into a person so different from the 18-year-old that walked into it years before is suddenly scattered. While we, the class of 2020, will have infinite responses to answer where we were when senior year was canceled, there is one that is unanimous and sadly fitting: we were apart.

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