2020-2021 Kenan Graduate Fellows Announced

Graduate Fellows BlogEach year, 15 Kenan Graduate Fellows are selected to be part of an inter-disciplinary research community focused on significant normative questions. The fellows meet through the year in order to enhance everyone’s ability to contribute to debates involving ethical issues, and to do so in ways that engage scholars and others within and outside of their own academic disciplines. Professor Wayne Norman, who directs the Graduate Fellows program, notes that “This year’s Fellows will face a double challenge. They were all selected because they are tackling timely and complicated questions in their dissertations: political polarization, racial inequality, urban housing, incarceration, and sources of bias in moral reasoning from neuroscience and history — and they are doing all this in the midst of a global pandemic. Together we will try to piece together an academic community with Zoom, Slack, social distancing, pop-up session outdoors, and maybe even a little duct tape here and there!”

Some students, from disciplines such as philosophy, political theory, or theology, focus directly on fundamental ethical or political concepts and theories. Other fellows, from the sciences and social sciences, try to understand phenomena that are relevant to major, and often controversial, public policy debates. Still others attempt to resolve debates in their areas of research that seem to be sustained by long-standing disagreements over both empirical claims and ethical or ideological commitments.

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