2019 Pathways of Change Fellows Announced

Congratulations to the 2019 Pathways of Change Fellows. The Duke Human Rights Center at the Kenan Institute for Ethics offers summer internships with organizations looking to make business work for communities, not just bottom lines. These students will explore the compromises, contradictions and trade-offs between business needs and human rights within and outside of the corporate world by working with organizations determined to create accountability, ensure sustainability and align the needs of communities with the aims of business development.  In addition to working with the partner organizations, students conduct “profiles” of the people in their organizations and write “letters home” about the best ways to affect change in corporate human rights practices.

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amanda kangAmanda Kang

Amanda Kang, placed with SAS, is a first-year student from Greensboro, NC intending to double major in Economics and Public Policy. She’s passionate about women’s rights advocacy and combining impact with corporate profitability. On campus, she’s a layout editor for The Chronicle and involved in the Duke Impact Investing Group as well as Duke’s WISER club to support girls’ education in Muhuru Bay, Kenya.


Phil Ma  Phil Ma

Phil Ma, placed with Business for Social Responsibility, is a rising junior from Beijing, China. He is majoring in Political Science and Math. He has participated in the DukeEngage program in Washington D.C., focusing on the intersection between science and policy. At Duke, Phil is a Human Rights Scholar at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, writing about the human rights violations in China.


noah mctheniaNoah McThenia

Noah McThenia, placed with Business for Social Responsibility, is a rising junior from Gainesville, Florida. He is majoring in Public Policy, with a minor in Classical Civilizations and a certificate in Ethics and Society. He is passionate about the use of public and private institutions to ensure universal enjoyment of human rights. He works with Kenan’s Citizenship Lab and the Duke Cyber Club.


Carter Teng  carter teng

Carter Teng, placed with Corporate Accountability, is a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is pursuing a major in Political Science, a minor in Cultural Anthropology, and a certificate in Markets and Management Studies. She is passionate about intersectionality in social justice issues and mobilizing vulnerable communities to fundamentally change the institutions that disenfranchise them. At Duke, Carter is the Director of Communications for the Center for Race Relations and the Marketing and Publicity Chair for Sophomore Class Council.