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Why did you choose your major? How passionate are you about your major? What are the stereotypes surrounding different majors? Are some majors are better than others?

Have you seen an inflatable couch somewhere on East Campus or the BC Plaza? Team Kenan members host TK Couch, a project that invites students to sit down and consider the notion that ethics is everywhere (we promise: it’s fun and we have candy.)

Couch topics change on a weekly basis and have included alien life and immigration policy, hookup culture and dating, good vs. bad music, importance of self-care, and the rush process, over the course of this year, sometimes with Duke faculty and senior administrators joining the conversation.

This week, we’re provoking conversations about why we choose the academic paths that we do, how that impacts Duke culture and whether or not we think that’s normal. To accomplish that, we’ve created four fake major shirts in the vein of those distributed by Duke academic departments.

  1. Pre-consulting – addresses the idea that students choose their major based on a potential for a lucrative career. Do you go to college to learn or for a job? To what extent does your major have to be incredibly profitable for your future?
  2. Disappointing my parents – do students feel pressure from their parents to pursue a specific major or to be a perfect student? Do we have an obligation to study what our parents want us to if they fund our education?
  3. Rejection – although there are countless opportunities at Duke, oftentimes it seems that the opportunities are very selective and not available to everyone. Is it worth it to apply to something when you know there’s a good chance you’ll get rejected? How does selectivity affect campus culture?
  4. Hookup Cultural Studies – addressing the topic of consent and the seemingly anti-relationship, pro-hookup culture on campus. How do you obtain consent? What makes hookup culture stigmatized? Why are you looking for a relationship?

We know — you’re wondering: how can I join this discussion and obtain one of these conversation-provoking shirts? It’s easy: have a seat and talk with Team Kenan (and guest coucher, Dean Valerie Ashby, on April 5, between 10:30am – 12:30pm, in the Brian Center plaza.