Mar 282016
 March 28, 2016  Posted by

Through various questions about news sources and media coverage, we aimed to encourage students to consider why attacks in Western countries such as Belgium receive so much more attention than attacks in non-Western countries like Turkey.

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Mar 072016
 March 7, 2016  Posted by

Since it was the week of the Duke-UNC basketball game, we asked students to think about the intense rivalry between Duke and UNC and whether it played a factor in their decision to attend Duke. We also discussed the motivation for the rivalry and whether it is helpful to invite students to think about the positives and negatives of rivalries.

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Feb 252016
 February 25, 2016  Posted by

During this week, we had a discourse about whether students felt Duke has an open dialogue when it comes to class and financial status. During this conversation, we asked students to consider the implications of the high tuition at Duke and the socioeconomic diversity or seemingly lack thereof here.

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Jan 262016
 January 26, 2016  Posted by

At the beginning of the semester as rush for social organizations was finishing up, we asked students why or why not they rushed. Additionally, we asked to compare their expectations about rush to what they actually experienced and encouraged them to think about if rush changed their perception of Duke’s social culture.

Greek Rush-01  Greek Rush-02

Nov 202015
 November 20, 2015  Posted by

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, 30 United States governors called for the United States to halt resettlement of Syrian refugees. Team Kenan came up with questions in response:



Nov 092015
 November 9, 2015  Posted by

This past Halloween, an email was sent out to a group of Yale students that sparked a heated debate over culturally offensive Halloween costumes.  The conversations we had about the email inspired the questions for this week’s questions:

Halloween take 3-01

Halloween take 3-02

Halloween take 3-03