What Is Good Art?

What is the function of art in our lives? The ‘What is Good Art?‘ competition and exhibition was begun as a means to explore how visual art and ethics are intertwined, in how we view things and how that effects us. The theme for What Is Good Art? 2017-2018 is Community.


As always, the WIGA theme is intentionally broad and open to many interpretations.

Spring Art Contest and Exhibition

Each spring, Team Kenan holds the WIGA competition around a different theme. Duke University students are encouraged to submit entries to compete for four prizes, and have their work displayed in a collective exhibition in the Keohane Kenan Gallery of the West Duke Building. A distinguished panel of experts in art and/or ethics convene to select pieces for display. All Duke students are invited to submit works in any medium for the spring contest and exhibition around the theme of “Community.”


  • First Prize: $500
  • Second Prize: $300
  • Third Prize: $100
  • Gallery Choice Prize: $100

How to submit:

  • Download the submission guidelines and submit with a digital photo or video of your work.
  • If you have any questions, please email dan.smith@duke.edu.
  • Submissions will be due on Tuesday, March 9, 2018 by 11:59:59pm EST. The exhibition opening and prize announcement will be scheduled for late-March.
  • Submit your artwork!

Past WIGA Events

The 2016 exhibition investigated the intersection of Ethics, Food, & Culture.

The 2015 exhibition explored the theme “Derivatives.”

The 2014 exhibition was presented in the Allen Building. Special thanks to Vice Provost for the Arts Scott Lindroth and his staff for providing us gallery space during the renovation of the West Duke Building. To view an online version of the 2014 exhibition and associated information, click here.

View an online version of the 2013 exhibition and accompanying curation booklet here.

To view the gallery, curation booklet, and learn more about the 2012 What Is Good Art? Exhibition, click here.

View the 2011 What Is Good Art? Exhibition selections and read Team Kenan’s curation booklet here.

See artwork and information related to the 2010 What Is Good Art? Competition and Exhibition here.