Team Kenan is an initiative of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University that seeks to bring attention to ethical issues through student-organized programming.

The team is a part of the Institute’s social and intellectual community, creating spaces for students, faculty, and Institute staff to think and talk about ethics outside of the classroom. Team Kenan’s programs serve as a complement to the Institute’s curricular offerings, giving students interested in ethics additional opportunities to chat, think, and challenge one another in fun and relaxed ways. For students who have not yet had a chance to take an ethics class or participate in one of the Institute’s programs, the team serves as a low-key point of contact—a conduit into ethical inquiry that treats ethics seriously but never solemnly.

The team, made up of a diverse cross-section of Duke students, engages the Duke community through a portfolio of programs that create multiple ways to get involved. From blog articles and magazine articles to discussions over cupcakes and high-quality art exhibits, Team Kenan aims to create programs to appeal to—and challenge—many constituencies on campus.

Since the fall of 2009, members have launched a number of new ventures aimed at making ethics available, accessible, and appetizing to students. Team Kenan projects are student-initiated, student-centered, and student-run. The team’s output changes frequently as we test new programs and try to create new experiences. Browse around this site to see what we’re up to at the moment.

To be part of TeamKenan, submit an application here.

Meet Team Kenan

Aydin Anwar
Aydin Anwar is a Junior from Richmond, VA studying International Comparative Studies. She is a former pChanger, an alum of KIE’s Ethics focus cluster, and a former Kenan Summer Fellow. As an ethnic Uyghur herself, she is particularly passionate about raising awareness of Uyghurs from East Turkistan, a nation currently under the occupation and control of China.
Kendall bell

Kendall Bell is a junior from Cary, NC double majoring in Chemistry and Global Cultural Studies with a minor in African and African-American Studies. He is an alum of Project Change, and the 2017 KIE Alternate Spring Break. Kendall is interested in any topic about which you can create models or ask interesting questions and sees his future working in education.

Adam Beskind

Adam Beskind is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia still figuring out what exactly he wants to study. Outside of chatting about ethics on the TK Couch, Adam is involved with Hoof ’n’ Horn, the Duke Chorale, and is an undergraduate admissions tour guide. A 2016 pChange alum, he is interested in using the arts to create social change and increasing access to the arts.

Analese Bridges

Analese Bridges is a Junior  from Gray, Georgia majoring in Political Science. She is also pursuing the Study of Ethics (Markets, Policy, and the Professions) certificate and the Information Science and Studies certificate. She is an alumna of the KIE FOCUS program and the 2015 KIE Alternative Spring Break. Analese is a current participate in the Kenan Pursuit of Purpose Program, and she is interested in studying the intersection between digital media and social activism, cybersecurity, and how technological innovation affects political structures. .

Clayton Delp

Clayton Delp is a sophomore student from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. Clayton plans to double major in Music Composition and Political Science. He is also interested in graphic design and German language. Clayton is (currently) the only member of Team Kenan who can play the dulcet tones of Five for Fighting on the recorder.

Lucy Dong

Lucy Dong is a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a Project Change alum and is currently a part of KIE’s Ethics, Leadership, Global Citizenship focus cluster. She is interested in improving healthcare systems through examining cultural/sociopolitical factors. Lucy spends much of her time wondering if she should be pre-med, lettering, and curating her aesthetic.

Kat Hefter

Kat Hefter is a sophomore from San Ramon, California. She is an alumna of Project Change, and hopes to double major in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience. She’s really interested in neural prosthetics, brain-machine interface, and Star Trek.

Tiff Jiang

Tiff Jiang is a sophomore from Flemington, New Jersey. She plans to double major in Public Policy and Global Health, with a minor in Economics. Outside of Team Kenan, she is part of Delta Sigma Pi and Business Oriented Women. She likes to play tennis and pet a lot of dogs..
Tommy Klug

Thomas Klug is a Senior. Last summer he participated in the Duke in Australia program.

Claudia LaRose

Claudia LaRose is a sophomore from Waconia, Minnesota who is also a part of Kenan’s Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship focus cluster. She is completely undecided about what she wants to study, but she is intrigued by Global Health and Cultural Anthropology. Claudia loves spending time outdoors, and it is her daily goal to spread positivity and joy.


Hal Lin is a sophomore from Cary, North Carolina and an alumnus of Project Change. He is hoping to study some combination or intersection of economics and math. Hal’s passions include spending time outdoors, studying foreign languages, debating, and trying to whittle down his to-watch list of TV shows.

Sonali Mehta

Sonali Mehta is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. She is an alumna of both Project Change and the KIE Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship Focus. She plans to major in Public Policy and pursue certificates in Human Rights and Documentary Studies. An avid fan of hummus, small dogs, and Hufflepuff, Sonali is particularly interested in the ability of stories to influence policy.

Jaewon Moon

Jaewon Moon is a sophomore from Miami, Florida and a Project Change alum. She’s undecided about her major, but is currently interested in Chemistry, Global Cultural Studies, International Comparative Studies, and Spanish. Jaewon often thinks about intersectional feminism, neoliberal capitalism, mass incarceration and prison abolition, the sociopolitical influence of language, and how much she loves and hates the Korean music industry. You can engage her in any sort of conversation on social justice, however, and probably capture her attention.

Sloan Talbot

Sloan Talbot is a junior from Ypsilanti, Michigan, who is pursuing a double-major in Cultural Anthropology, and Political Science with a Certificate in Ethics. She is a alumna of the KIE Focus program, as well as the 2015 KIE Alternative Spring Break. Sloan is interested in thinking about the implications of the white savior complex on humanitarian aid, and passionate about providing resources and programming to fellow first-generation students on campus.

Amulya Vadapalli

Amulya Vadapalli is a junior from Pune, India majoring in Public Policy. She is a former Kenan Global Human Rights Scholar and a current student in the Pursuit of Purpose Seminar. Outside of TK, Amulya can be found watching reruns of The Good Wife and listening to Indian classical music.

David Wohlever Sanchez

David Wohlever Sanchez is a junior from Orlando, Florida studying Public Policy, Philosophy, and Economics. Dedicated to Effective Altruism, effective NGOs, and the rise of consumer tech, his hobbies include thinking and writing about the world, seizing the memes of production, and eliminating the penny.

Bonnie Wyatt

Bonnie Wyatt is a sophomore from Clover, South Carolina, who is planning to major in either Public Policy or Biology on a pre-med track. She is an alumna of Project Change, and is extremely interested in the concept of medical and humanitarian aid ethics. Outside of carefully considering ethical dilemmas, she enjoys reading Jane Austen, listening to every type of music, and laughing.