• After Class on a Wednesday
    After Class on a Wednesday

    I met Buddha after class on a Wednesday. As it turns out, he hangs out in an art gallery above Loaf Bakery downtown, and he dresses in brown corduroys. He’s More…

  • A Hard Look at Hard News
    A Hard Look at Hard News

    //Note that quotes used throughout the paper can be found within Hard News by Seth Mnookin.// In 2001, Howell Raines began his tenure as the Executive Editor of the New More…

  • Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
    Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    I heard two separate accounts of a professor’s lecture a few weeks ago. The professor proposed a consent app that would give a Breathalyzer test and then ask for consent More…

  • Facebook and Civil Discourse
    Facebook and Civil Discourse

    Do you ever have those political debates show up on your Facebook newsfeed? A friend posts about their political beliefs, and then an hour later you are thirty comments deep More…