• Lessons from PornHub?
    Lessons from PornHub?

    Apparently we must remain vigilant about alternate facts in every aspect of our life… including our sex lives.   The newest educator in the sexual ed world is PornHub. Yes, More…

  • “Trump, Trump, Trump, BEYONCE, Trump”
    “Trump, Trump, Trump, BEYONCE, Trump”

    Do me a favor, and think back on the news that you’ve consumed since January 20, 2017. Unless you follow some unconventional news sources, your social media and smartphone banner More…

  • Rejection

    One word, nine letters, yet the cause of so much pain and destruction. We have all experienced it – not being invited to a party, not being accepted to a More…

  • Knowledge is Power?
    Knowledge is Power?

    I’ve been told a million times that “Knowledge is Power.” This simple saying seemed to be plastered all over the walls of my elementary, middle, and high school. Yet, when More…