• Ineffective Altruism
    Ineffective Altruism

    This weekend, I had a discussion with someone about what I’d major in. I told her that I wasn’t sure, but that I had some plans in mind for the More…

  • Finding Purpose at Duke
    Finding Purpose at Duke

    I think finding purpose is a lifelong journey, and part of that journey is realizing that things that once brought me purpose and meaning no longer do. Throughout high school, More…

  • Truth

    By Amanda Lewellyn and Alex Zrenner The truth is more complicated now than it’s ever been. In the past, the word truth meant that the statement couldn’t be argued. But More…

  • After Class on a Wednesday
    After Class on a Wednesday

    I met Buddha after class on a Wednesday. As it turns out, he hangs out in an art gallery above Loaf Bakery downtown, and he dresses in brown corduroys. He’s More…