• Majors

    The author wrote this piece shortly before course registration season.   Course registration for the next semester opens in two weeks, and I’m still just as lost as I was More…

  • When to Stop Revising
    When to Stop Revising

    A friend of mine is an American History buff. He’s the guy who would actually read Rob Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton but wouldn’t recognize Lin Manuel Miranda on the More…

  • The L Word
    The L Word

    As a disclaimer, this isn’t a blog post functioning as a potential authority on the subject, but rather a coherent string of thoughts on the two subjects. In the breathless More…

  • Feathers and Fringe
    Feathers and Fringe

    Her: “Oh my goodness. I love your ring, where did you get it?! Urban Outfi-” Me: *furrowed eyebrows and a blunt eye-roll* I started my shift last week, with a More…