What Comes Next Working Group


For most seniors, the prospect of graduation comes with a host of questions. Commencement exercises will mark a sense of having “made it” for many students, but what is “it” exactly? Completing undergraduate eduction leads to an explosion of opportunities, each with attendant questions of purpose and meaning–but without the structure of the university to provide guidance. How do I craft a home and community away from the place I have lived and grown for four years? What will structure my life now that coursework and college life won’t? How do I know if my job is a good fit for me? Intermingled with big questions of life purpose are many equally pressing practical ones: how do I organize a household of one? How should I be thinking about finances at this point in my life?

What Comes Next Working Group is a weekly conversation group dedicated to unpacking these topics and many more. Students provide sounding boards and support for one another, and they they suggest topics and potential guest speakers to fortify themselves for what comes next.

To RSVP or for more info, contact Christian Ferney.