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Join Religions and Public Life at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and the North Carolina Jewish Studies Seminar for lunch at noon on April 3 for a discussion with Dr. Anna Kushkova: “Memory of the Holocaust and Jewish Identity in Soviet and post-Soviet Ukraine.”

Based on Dr. Kushkova’s field research in the former shtetls of Western Ukraine, this presentation is an attempt to look at several small Jewish survivor communities living in the territory of the former Pale of Jewish Settlement (Ukraine) through the lens of their Holocaust experience. What place does the Holocaust occupy in the structure of these people’s individual and collective identity? How do people speak about the Holocaust, how do their narratives change over different historical periods and under the influence of different external actors, and how do they get appropriated by official political discourses? How do post-Holocaust commemoration practices create specific local lieux de mémoire?

Dr. Anna Kushkova is a visiting scholar at Duke University and holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation, Navigating the Planned Economy: Accommodation and Survival in Moscow’s Post-War ‘Soviet Jewish Pale’, focuses on Jewish engagement in the marginal and illicit spheres of the Soviet post-WWII rigidly controlled state economy to show a) how Jewish ethnic traditions and social networking can facilitate cultural survival among oppressed minorities and b) how Jewish entrepreneurship in the local networks of production and distribution created a distinct version of Soviet Jewish collective identity. Dr. Kushkova has participated in multiple ethnographic expeditions to the former official Pale of Jewish Settlement (Ukraine, Moldova, Trans-Dniestr Republic) and various research projects on Jewish memory and identity in the large urban settings of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Tuesday, April 3, Noon-2:00PM
Ahmadieh Family Conference Room,
West Duke Building 101

Please email Amber Díaz Pearson by 10:00AM on April 3 to request a parking pass. A Kosher for Passover lunch will be served.