Working Papers


Matthew S. Johnson. “Does Cleaning the Air Affect Workers’ Health? How Firms Manage Competing Regulatory Demands.”

The Rethinking Regulation Working Paper Series provides a forum for faculty and students working across disciplines, who are exploring issues of regulatory governance and dilemmas of regulatory design and policy, to disseminate their research.

Papers 11-14 are products of student research for the Bass Connections at Duke project “Regulatory Disaster Scene Investigation.”

15. Andrea Renda. Searching for Harm or Harming Search? A look at the European Commission’s antitrust investigation against Google.”

14. A. Catherine Preston. Regulatory Responses to Post-1970 Chemical Disasters.”

13. Emily Pechar. Commissioning the Truth: Evaluating Commissions of Inquiry as a Policy Response to Crisis Events.”

12. Jonathon Free and A. Catherine Preston.The Effectiveness of Independent Investigatory Agencies in the United States: A Comparison of the National Transportation Safety Board and the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.”

11. David Cheang and Megan Hayes. A Review of European Institutional Approaches to Independent Accident Investigation.”

10. Matthew Adler. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Distributional Weights: An Overview.”

9. Lesley K. McAllister. Harnessing Private Regulation.”

8. Lewis A. Grossman. FDA and the Rise of the Empowered Consumer.”

7. Sean H. Vanatta. Conflicts of Interest: Regulated Self-Regulation and the 1963 SEC Special Study.”

6. Tim Büthe. “Distributional Consequences of Transnational Private Regulation: Institutional Complementarity as a Structural Source of Power in Global Product and Financial Markets.”

5. Matthew Adler and Paul Dolan. “Introducing A ‘Different Lives’ Approach To The Valuation of Health and Well-Being.”

4. Matthew Adler, James K. Hammitt, and Nicolas Treich. “The Social Value of Mortality Risk Reduction: VSL vs. the Social Welfare Function Approach.”

3. Matthew Adler, “Happiness Surveys and Public Policy: What’s the Use?

2. Edward Balleisen and Elizabeth Brake, “Historical Perspective and Better Regulatory Governance: An Agenda for Institutional Reform.”

1. Edward Balleisen, “Rights of Way, Red Flags, and Safety Valves: Business Self-Regulation and State-Building in the United States, 1850-1940.”