Nov 212015

2016Reg-GraphicOn April 21-22, 2016, the Rethinking Regulation Program at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University hosted a two-day workshop on “US-EU Regulatory Cooperation:  TTIP and Beyond,” organized by RR Co-Directors Jonathan Wiener and Lori Bennear together with Lamb Fellow Andrea Renda, and Lamb Fellow Practitioner John Graham.

Program agenda schedule and speakers: here.

Speaker bios: here.


Posted below are papers from the event speakers:

Richard B. Stewart, “State Regulatory Capacity and Administrative Law and Governance Under Globalization”

Reeve T. Bull, Neysun A. Mahboubi, Richard B. Stewart, Jonathan B. Wiener, “New approaches to International Regulatory Cooperation: The Challenge of TTIP, TPP, and Mega-Regional Trade Agreements”

Reeve T. Bull, “Developing a Domestic Framework for International Regulatory Cooperation”

Jonathan B. Wiener, Alberto Alemanno, “The Future of International Regulatory Cooperation: TTIP as a Learning Process Toward Global Policy Laboratory”

Jonathan Wiener, Brendon Swedlow, James K. Hammitt, Michael D. Rogers and Peter H. Sand, “Better Ways to Study Regulatory Elephants”

Richard W. Parker, “Facilitating Regulatory Cooperation Between the United States and the European Union: A Case Study of Aviation Safety Regulation”
Presentation available here.

Richard W. Parker, “Four Challenges for TTIP Regulatory Cooperation”

Richard W. Parker, Alberto Alemanno, “A Comparative Overview of EU and US Legislative and Regulatory Systems: Implications for Domestic Governance & The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”

Lawrence E. McCray, Kenneth A. Oye, Arthur C. Petersen, “Planned adaptation in risk regulation: An initial survey of US environmental, health, and safety regulation”

Hans-Georg Eichler, Kenneth A. Oye, LG Baird, et al, “Adaptive Licensing: Taking the next step in the evolution of drug approval”

Kenneth A. Oye, LG Baird, A Chia, et al, “Legal foundations of adaptive licensing”

Kenneth A. Oye, Mark Pearson, Hans-Georg Eichler, Theresa Mullin, and Anton Hoos, “Managing uncertainty in drug development and use: Enhancing adaptability and flexibility in pharmaceuticals regulation”

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 November 21, 2015