Research Assistants


Alexandra Bateman
Alexandra Bateman is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies with a Documentary Studies certificate. She is interested in issues of gender and sexuality, particularly in the Middle East, and hopes to use her skills as a documentarian to further examine these problems. After graduating from Duke University, Lexi plans to pursue a degree in law.

Olivia Bowles
Olivia Bowles is a junior from upstate New York majoring in International Comparative Studies and Markets and Management. She is the Communications Assistant at Kenan. She is passionate about the study of other languages and cultures and hopes to use this background to become an ethical global leader within the corporate world. Olivia has devoted much of her time on campus to issues of social justice and human rights in the United States.

Bo Carlson
Bo Carlson is a first-year student from Charlotte, NC, planning to major in economics and political science. His interests include human rights, international trade, and how these issues intersect in both theory and practice. In addition to his position at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, Bo contributes to the Student Advisory Board to the Duke Human Rights Center, works with the LGBTQ student group Blue Devils United, and serves as Vice President of Duke Scouting Association. In his free time, Bo enjoys learning about languages and listening to Broadway soundtracks.

Bryce Cracknell
Bryce Cracknell is a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Race and Poverty with a minor in Environmental Science and Policy. He is interested in issues pertaining to the environment, human rights, and environmental justice. In his free time, Bryce enjoys playing soccer, cheering on Duke Athletics, attending plays/musicals, reading, discussing politics and anything Star Wars.

Natalia Espinosa
Natalia Espinosa is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. She is pursuing a Neuroscience major and a minor in Cultural anthropology. She is interested in emerging research in the neuroscience field, such as Artificial Intelligence, and how it intersects with ethics. Natalia is a Project Change Alum and works as Kenan’s Communications Assistant. In her spare time, she enjoys singing with her a cappella group and reading blogs.

Sara Evall
Sara Evall is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California. She is interested in pursuing a Program II Major in Refugee and Migrant Studies with a particular focus on issues like human rights, comparative politics, and health. Sara became involved in the Kenan Institute through her experience in the Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship focus during her first year at Duke, which inspired her to become active in SuWA (Supporting Women’s Action), InFlux, and to go on DukeEngage Dublin. Sara loves spending her free time watching movies, reading, and with her friends and family.
Freshman Composite pic
Andre Goode
Andre Goode is a Junior from Fayetteville, North Carolina majoring in Public Policy Studies and minoring in Economics. He is primarily interested in economic and foreign policy. As a former member of Duke Student Government, Andre served on the Durham and Regional Affairs Committee working on projects to improve relations between Durham and the Duke community. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Teig Hennessy
Teig Hennessy is a first year student from Ocala, Florida. Teig had no idea what the Kenan Institute was before applying for this job, but he is now more than excited to be a part of it. He is particularly interested in issues concerning the intersection of ethics and environmentalism, and plans on pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. In his free time, he enjoys food, running, yoga, and watching as much comedic material as possible.
Caroline Keefe

Caroline Keefe

Caroline Keefe is a junior from Montclair, New Jersey majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Health and French.  She is passionate about the world of global health and its effects on economic and political policies, along with its intersection with ethical issues.  Because of her interest in human rights and women’s rights, she began volunteering with Supporting Women’s Action, a program run through the Kenan Institute.  In her free time, which she has little of, she enjoys running outdoors, reading old books, and eating large amounts of food.
Tyler Kopp
Tyler Kopp
Tyler Kopp is a first-year student from Southport, North Carolina. He plans to major in Public Policy or International Comparative Studies. He is interested in studying how power structures have formed as products of imperialism and capitalism and how Western globalization reinforces these relations today. When he’s not expressing distaste for neoliberal policies, Tyler enjoys listening to Lady Gaga and drinking green tea.

Coleman Kraemer
Coleman Kraemer is a sophomore from Bronxville, NY who went to high school at Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx. He’s was a member of the Ethics Focus, a Kenan Human Rights scholar, and is currently enrolled in the Ethics certificate program. Coleman is currently undecided on what he’s majoring in. In his free time, he loves to read and eat large amounts of food.

Natalie Larson
Natalie Larson is a freshman at Duke from Mississippi. She is interested in gender studies and as a participant of Project Search, she completed a project analyzing the portrayal of women in American television. She is considering double majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science while also possibly pursuing an Arabic minor. She is also planning to go abroad with DukeEngage and is particularly interested in the program in Serbia. In her free time, Natalie likes to spend time outdoors, read good books, and lift heavy things.

Harry Liu
Harry Liu is a sophomore from New York City who is still exploring possible majors. As Project Change Alum, he is interested in community and campus engagement with ethics. The past year, he worked on design projects and the TK Couch. He is looking forward to working on new projects as a Research Assistant!

Tristan Malhotra
Tristan Malhotra is a freshman at Duke from Irvine, California, currently living in Gilbert-Addoms. He got involved with Kenan through the Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship FOCUS program, of which he is currently a part. He is planning on majoring in Public Policy or Philosophy (or both!) and possibly pursuing a PPE Certificate by the time he graduates. He is especially excited to tent for the UNC-Duke basketball game, to get involved in political/law organizations, and to go abroad with DukeEngage. In his spare time, he loves baking brownies and playing baseball, basketball, or football.

Alexander Martin
Alexander Martin is a sophmore from Princeton, New Jersey, and an assistant for the Rethinking Regulation Project. He is also involved in Duke Political Union, chairing the Awareness & Engagement Committee. He enjoys politics, poker, and pizza. 

Rubah Moton
Rubah Moton is a sophomore at Duke from Karachi, Pakistan. She willl probably be majoring in Economics and Political Science. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and Netflix-ing. She got involved with Kenan first semester of her freshman year through the Focus program and is very excited to be working at Kenan this semester.

Gino Nuzzolillo
Gino Nuzzolillo is a freshman from Omaha, Nebraska currently living in the Alspaugh dorm. As a potential Public Policy major with a future career in public service, he believes his involvement with the Kenan Institute will enhance his knowledge about different communities and the importance of acting ethically. Gino is currently a member of Duke Men’s Crew, the Duke Political Review, Alspaugh House Council, and Duke Student Government. In his free time, he loves to read history books and watch movies.

Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips is a senior and contracted cadet in Army ROTC from Portage, Michigan. He is studying Public Policy and pursuing a certificate in Ethics. In his free time, Richard enjoys singing, dancing, and striving to channel his inner Beyoncé in everything that he does.

Louden Richason
Louden Richason is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in economics primarily interested in human rights, foreign affairs, and decision-making. He is an alumnus of Kenan’s Ethics, Leadership, and Global Citizenship focus and DukeEngage Dublin program. In his free time, he loves to read and play pick-up sports.

Sloan Talbot
Sloan Talbot is a sophomore interested in cultural anthropology and political science. She is from Ypsilanti, Michigan and participated in the Kenan Focus as a freshman, shaping her interests of international human rights policy, and advocacy. At Kenan she also volunteers with the SuWA refugee women’s tutoring group. Sloan is heavily involved on campus with the 1G (first generation college student) network and is a member of other organizations such as Dukes and Duchesses.