Postdoctoral Fellows

Amanda Flaim
In addition to serving as an honorary Postdoctoral Associate at the Kenan Institute of Ethics, Amanda Flaim is a postdoctoral associate at Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute and a Visiting Lecturer at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Amanda earned her PhD at Cornell University in the Department of Development Sociology, and possesses a Masters in International Comparative Education from Stanford University. Amanda’s dissertation, No Land’s Man: Sovereignty and the Production of Statelessness among Highlanders in Northern Thailand, is a study of the causes and impacts of protracted statelessness among minority people in Thailand, and draws on both intensive ethnographic research and survey data of more than 70,000 stateless and formerly stateless highlanders. During her graduate studies, Amanda served as a Lead Research Consultant on statelessness for UNESCO Thailand, for which she designed and coordinated the largest survey of highland ethnic minorities in Thailand to date.  In addition to her work at UNESCO, she has served as a research consultant on child trafficking for UNICEF in Italy, and on antenatal care for HIV-affected children for UNICEF in Thailand. In 2011, she served as the Lead Research Consultant to UNHCR in Nepal, where she led a national-scale survey and multi-method study of statelessness in the country. Her multi-method studies have generated robust prevalence estimates of statelessness, trafficking and other critical human rights issues, and produced critical indications of the role of state authority/authorities in the (re)production of statelessness and vulnerability.  In addition to her work on statelessness, she is currently conducting research with Project Issara in Thailand on the prevalence and effects of trafficking in the Thai fishing industry.