Philip Costanzo


Philip Costanzo
244 Soc Psych Building
Box 90085
Durham, NC 27708
Philip Costanzo is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Senior Fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. His research interests include

  1. The development of children’s ideas and beliefs about the social environment. This includes an interest in the underlying socialization processes that mediate the development of moral emotions, moral cognition and susceptibility to peer pressures
  2. The relationships between values, motivations and depressive states in both adolescents and adults. Also, how social-cognitive biases pertinent to affective disorders as well as risky decisions develop and are socialized by parental norms and peer influences.
  3. Psychological and social concomitants of obesity and eating disorders.
  4. Prevention research on adolescent and adult problems of alcohol and drug abuse.

His most recent book, co-authored with Timothy Strauman and Judy Garber, is Depression in Adolescent Girls: Science and Prevention.