Videos of the spring 2013 “Paradoxical Politics: Religions, Poverty & Citizenship” speaker series are available at the Religions and Public Life site.

2013 Uprooted/Rerouted: Narratives of Bhutanese and Iraqi Refugees Losing and Finding Homes
The twelve students chosen to participate in the 2013 Kenan Institute DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted program recited narratives of refugee life collected during their month of fieldwork with either Iraqis in Egypt or Bhutanese in Nepal. With a general introduction to refugee issues, plus further information on the situations of Iraqi refugees living in the greater Cairo area and Bhutanese refugees living in refugee camps in Nepal. For more information on the students’ work in the field, visit their research journal page.

The event was filmed on April 21, 2013. Approximately 70 minutes.

The Ethics of Globalization and the Globalization of Ethics: 2013 Kenan Distinguished Lecture with Michael Ignatieff
Formerly Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ignatieff currently holds joint professorial appointments with the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto and at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He is also the Chair for the Carnegie Council Centennial Project, “Ethics for a Connected World,” meant to stimulate current and future generations to consider the role of ethics in an increasingly interconnected world. Dr. Ignatieff has published on subjects such as the English penal system, the human need for community, modern warfare, and human rights. He is perhaps best known for his biography of British academic Sir Isaiah Berlin, as well as the books Blood and Belonging (1993), an analysis of nationalism in post-Soviet countries, and The Rights Revolution (2000), a look at how group rights and individual rights interact and what the role may be of collective responsibility.

Recorded April 18, 2013. Lecture and Q&A approximately 120 minutes.

The Supreme Court & Arizona’s “Racial Profiling” Law: The Constitutionality of SB 1070 (Moralities of Migration series)
Dr. Noah Pickus moderates a panel on the constitutionality of Arizona’s SB 1070, a law that at the time of its passage was the strictest anti-immigration measure in the country. The Supreme Court had already heard oral arguments about the law at the time of the panel discussion; in late June, 2012, the court upheld certain portions of the law and struck down others. With
<href=””>Jack Chin (UC Davis), Lucas Guttentag (Yale), Margaret Hu (Duke), and Ernie Young (Duke).

Recorded March 22, 2012. Approximately 1 hour.

Immigration and Security: Office Hours with Noah Pickus
In a live, interactive “Office Hours” conversation, produced by Duke’s Office of News and Communications, Noah Pickus and David Schanzer (Sanford School of Public Policy, Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security) take viewer questions on immigration and domestic security in advance of a campus talk by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

Recorded October 24, 2011. Approximately 35 minutes.

One Summer in Damak: Glimpses of Life in a Bhutanese Refugee Camp
A multimedia version of One Summer in Damak: Glimpses of Life in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, an exhibition of nearly 70 photographs taken by a research team of Duke graduate and undergraduate students in Damak, Nepal, of Bhutanese refugees living in several nearby refugee camps. Part of the Refugee Resettlement Project.

Produced in October 2011. Approximately 15 minutes.

What is Discover University?
A brief overview of Discover University, the product of collaboration between the National College of Ireland and students from the Kenan Institute’s DukeEngage Dublin program, which gives a taste of the college experience to disadvantaged Irish and migrant youth from all over Dublin.

Produced in November 2010. Approximately 5 minutes.