Student Engagement Journals

The Kenan Institute for Ethics promotes the experiences and reflection that turn undergraduates into ethical leaders and global citizens through programs such as DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted, DukeEngage: Dublin, Kenan Summer Fellows, and internships. To get a sense of their experiences, read the journals that students write as a reflection on their time involved with various programs.

Kenan Summer Fellows

Christine Delp, Cece Mercer

Sadhna Gupta, Mark Herzog, David Mayer, John Mclean, Rosaria Nowhitney, Nyuol Tong

DukeEngage: Dublin

Kenan’s DukeEngage program takes students to Dublin, Ireland, to explore issues of migration with local immigrant and refugee communities.

Summer 2013
Summer 2012

Kenan Internships

Summer 2013
Junior Virginia Dillon worked with the World Food Programme Office in Patan, Nepal (in the Kathmandu Valley).

DukeImmerse: Uprooted/Rerouted


Twelve students in two teams spend a month doing field research with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, Iraqi refugees in Egypt, or Syrian refugees in Jordan. These students spent the first part of the semester gaining knowledge on refugee issues and research methods, then used their time abroad to collect refugee narratives for individual reports on different themes of life in the camps.