MASTERY Refugee Tutoring

Mastery-400Mentorship, Academics, and Self-esteem: Tutoring and Engaging with Refugee Youth (MASTERY) is a weekly K-12 tutoring program for refugee youth in Durham.

This ongoing program, led by Kenan Institute for Ethics students Olivia Johnson, Jojo Ramseyer, Rishi Sachdev, and Madison Thomas, pairs Duke undergraduate tutors and refugee students with the goal of providing mentorship, assistance with schoolwork, English tutoring, and a supportive community. While tutors help with studying and homework, their primary job is to encourage the students, support their creativity and potential, and help students to develop and achieve ambitious goals. Through the relationships developed in this class, college students help mentor and inspire younger students by sharing their own passion for learning. By working with refugees, Duke students develop a better awareness of global issues present at a local level. The aim is for both tutors and students to come away with a more clear understanding of their community and a renewed love of learning.

Plans for MASTERY throughout the year include creative projects, celebrations of holidays from our many cultures, academic achievement and community building.

For more information on becoming a tutor or enrolling K-12 students in the program, please contact:
Olivia Johnson:
Isabella Arbelaez: