Nov 152013
 November 15, 2013

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAA proposed rare-earth uranium mine in Narsaq, Greenland illuminates a changing Greenlandic identity and way of life. Economic depression, environmental changes, and a desire for independence from Denmark all plague the predominantly Inuit nation. The billions of dollars in mineral wealth beneath Greenland’s surface may be a solution–but is it the right solution?

Through the lens of three photographers–a Greenlander, a Dane, and an American Duke student–we can imagine an ethical future for Greenland and learn how Greenlanders anticipate the mine will affect their life, land, and community. Thus, we can begin to understand what “being Greenlandic” means.

This project was begun by junior Christine Delp during her time last summer as a Kenan Summer Fellow, and you can read her reflections during her time in Greenland.

Opening Reception
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
5:30 p.m.
West Duke Building

The exhibit will be on view in the West Duke Building through the month of February.