May 012017
 May 1, 2017

For most students, education-related debt is a fact of life. How does that reality weigh on the decisions students make? Come see recent Cornell graduate Hugo Genes’ provocative take on the ways choosing an elite university prepares students for the future, or doesn’t. A panel discussing the film will follow immediately.

The panel will include:

Nikki Smith, Assistant Director, Career and Development Center, Nicholas School of the Environment
Carina Arellano, Duke University Admissions Officer
Adam Tomasiello, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Duke University
John A Forlines III, Executive in Residence of Economics
Irene Jasper, Director of Student Lending and Personal Finance

The film, produced by recent Cornell graduate Hugo Genes, is a hybrid documentary, with dramatized elements, that explores the decision making process of college bound students when seeking potentially lucrative jobs in the finance sector, how the universities play upon those expectations, how financial institutions recruit heavily on Ivy League campuses and whether or not those students who choose that path are then well-prepared to pay off their college debt, when they graduate and whether or not they would be equally well served obtaining undergraduate degrees from less expensive options.