Jan 232018
 January 23, 2018

Author and David B. Truman Professor of Environmental studies at Mount Holyoke, Lauret Savoy presented the 2018 Spring Katz Family lecture and the Facing the Anthropocene lecture.
A video of the lecture can be viewed here.

A woman of African American, Euro-American, and Native American heritage, Dr. Savoy writes about the stories we tell of the American land’s origins and the stories we tell of ourselves in this land. In her book Trace: Memory, History, Race and the American Landscape, Dr. Savoy explores how the country’s still unfolding history and ideas of “race” have marked her and the land. from twisted terrain within the San Andreas Fault zone to a South Carolina plantation, from national parks to burial grounds, from “Indian Territory” and the U.S.-Mexico Border to the U.S. capital, Trace grapples with a searing national history to reveal the often unvoiced presence of the past.

Dr. Savoy was also interviewed on WUNC’s The State of Things. The interview is available here.


This event is sponsored by The Katz Family Women, Ethics, and Leadership Fund, and is in collaboration with the Luce Anthropocene Project and the Power Plant Gallery.