Oct 242017
 October 24, 2017
On November 6, Stephen Metcalf–investigative journalist, Slate columnist and critic at large–will join The Role of Markets in Ethical Global Development Project at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and Anne Maria Makhulu to talk about the neoliberal roots of current populism.


The Role of Markets Project is led by Kenan Senior Fellows Michaeline Crichlow and Dirk Philipsen and explores the inherently ethical dimensions of social and economic relations, both between citizens and in their relationship to the economy and the state. What, then, do we mean by “markets?” What role can and should markets play in addressing pressing concerns of ethical development such as climate change, global conflict, and inequality? Are there ways to imagine and conceptualize markets that provide alternatives to the currently hegemonic neoliberal model?


The talk will begin at 12pm in the Ahmadieh Family Conference Room (West Duke 101) and will be followed by a workshop with Stephen Metcalf from 1:30-3:00pm in West Duke 08C.