Jan 212013
 January 21, 2013

KIE Graduate student William Wittels is organizing a conference March 28-29, “Machiavelli’s Modern Legacy: Machiavelli’s Principle Political Works at 500.”


All panels are in Breedlove room, which is in the Rubenstein Library.

Thursday, March 28th

10am-Noon: Panel 1 – Machiavelli and Radical Thought
Benedetto Fontana – CUNY Baruch
Rethinking the Relation between Gramsci and Machiavelli 
Cary Nederman – Texas A&M
Machiavelli, the “Sciences” of Politics, and the Politics of Science

1pm-3pm: Panel 2 – The Unexpected Machiavelli
Catherine Zuckert – Notre Dame
Machiavelli’s Popular Prince.
Erica Benner – Yale University
Machiavelli’s Ironies: the language of praise and blame in the Prince

3.30pm-5.30pm: Keynote Presentation
John McCormick – University of Chicago
Machiavelli on Misawarded Glory: Agathocles, Scipio and ‘the Writers’


Friday, March 29th

10am-Noon: Panel 3 – Machiavelli and Empire
Vickie Sullivan – Tufts University
Alexander the Great as ‘Lord of Asia’ and Rome as His Successor in Machiavelli’s Prince.
William Wittels – Duke University
Machiavelli’s Citizen Militia

1pm-3pm: Panel 4 – Machiavelli and Class Conflict
Diego Von Vacano – Texas A&M
Liberty Loves Struggle: The Class Basis of Machiavelli’s Republicanism
Robyn Marasco – Hunter College
Passion and the Play of Politics: Reading Machiavelli at the Extremes

3.30 pm-5.30pm: Panel 5 – Politics and the Art of Compromise
A Q&A with professors and practitioners of politics on the tension between moralism and pragmatism in the political world.

This event is co-sponsored by KIE, Duke Political Science, the Duke Program in American Values and Institutions, the Center for European Studies at Duke, the Duke University American Grand Strategy, the Duke Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill.