Aug 282015
 August 28, 2015

Conv.HRFrom Indonesia to Brazil, the rise of emergent middle classes, the growing pressure on the global food supply, and the return to mass agrarian production exist in tension with rapidly growing processes of urbanization. Cities have not only become home to the recently urbanized—formerly rural communities—but have come, in turn, to reflect changing patterns in the rural-urban continuum: the countryside is increasingly given over to industrialization while many urban areas are “ruralized.” “Land”   — as spaces of belonging, sites for resource conflicts, and as struggles for development projects  — is the central problem addressed by this panel. It reflects the changing fates of former agrarians, minorities, and marginalized communities more generally.

How should we understand land reform, land grabbing and their relationship to food security? What happens to rural and urban communities in the aftermath of such projects? Who benefits and who loses from their implementation? Panelists will consider the heightened risks and multiple states of insecurity stemming from the forces of globalization and environmental change. In doing so, they will discuss the deepening vulnerability and steady decline in the livelihoods of people, and the complex reconstitution of systemic and lived racialization within these processes.

Panelists include:

  • Wendy Wolford (Cornell University, Polson Professor of Development Sociology)
  • Tania Li (University of Toronto, Professor of Anthropology and Director, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • Moderated by Professor Michaeline Crichlow (Duke University, Professor of African and African American Studies and of Sociology)

This event is part of the on-going discussion series Conversations in Human Rights, bringing together panelists from other institutions and Duke faculty to engage with their research on hot-button international human rights issues. The series draws together the social sciences, humanities, law, and policy.

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Land Grabbing and Food Security in a Neoliberal Era
Thursday, January 28th, 4:30-6:00
Ahmadieh Family Conference Room (101 West Duke)
Reception to follow