Apr 262017
 April 26, 2017

Can a summer of work clarify what you want to do with your life? Alexandra’s moment of clarity occurred during her third week in an office in Amman, Jordan. Chris was compelled to take path-altering action after a chance encounter in Greensboro, NC. Whether through a single defining experience or steady reflection, each KPP Fellow has a more focused plan for their future now.

On Thursday, October 26th from 5-6:30pm, join us for our inaugural Kenan Purpose Program Fellows Symposium. Six fellows have completed coursework and internships that offered windows into potential career paths—reflecting intensively all the while. At the Symposium, they will share their wisdom, chart their paths to this point, and hopefully begin to form communities of support for moving forward. Each Fellow is hoping to connect with peers interested in similar career paths. The Symposium will be a kickoff for more robust networks of support for students looking to do purposeful work. The event will take place in the Ahmadieh Family Conference Room in the West Duke Building.