Dec 212017
 December 21, 2017

We  live an age of political polarization.

Those who disagree with us are often viewed as not just wrong but as deeply irrational and immoral. Is this a good thing? And what is the proper ethical response to it? What sort of habits of mind and practices should we cultivate in response to this increasing “partyism” and cultural self-segregation? In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton asked her supporters to keep an “open mind” with respect to the coming Trump presidency, but what exactly does that mean?

Professor Alan Jacobs of the Baylor Honors Program will address these and other questions in his public lecture, “Embrace the Pain: Living with the Repugnant Cultural Other,” on January 29th at 5pm in the Holst-Anderson Family Room.

View the talk here:

Or download an audio recording of the talk here.