Oct 062014
 October 6, 2014

LongleyDoLunch-400Team Kenan invites you to join us for a lunch conversation with documentary filmmaker James Longley. Best known for his documentaries Gaza Strip (2002) and Iraq in Fragments (2006), Longley’s approach involves extensive time spent with his documentary subjects, leading to intimate, rich portraits often not seen in the West. In 2009, Longley was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (often informally known as a “Genius Grant”).Take part in an engaging conversation about documenting others’ lives, distilling true stories, and conveying complexity.

Lunch will take place in 101 West Duke Building, East Campus from noon to 1 pm. Lunch by Parker and Otis will be available for those who RSVP. Attendance is limited to 25.

WHAT: Do Lunch with James Longley
WHEN: February 13th, from noon to 1
WHERE: 101 West Duke Building
RSVP: Click here to RSVP