Academic Integrity


Integrity in Undergraduate Life at Duke: A Report on the 2011 Survey (March 2012)
Dan Ariely, Lee Baker, Tony Brown, Kaveh Danesh, Ted Graham, Noah Pickus, David Schaad, Suzanne Shanahan, Nick Valilis

In spring 2011, the Academic Integrity Council and the Kenan Institute for Ethics surveyed 2,000 Duke undergraduates about integrity inside and outside the classroom and conducted in-depth interviews with graduating seniors. The survey and interviews document marked reductions in academic dishonesty; significant gaps between the large numbers of students perceived to be cheating vs. the smaller number of students self-reporting cheating; and rising numbers of students reporting inappropriate collaboration. The survey and interviews also explored the relationships among integrity in different domains (academic, social, work, and civic) and raised key questions about how a Duke education can and should affect multiple dimensions of a student’s sense of integrity.

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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY in UNDERGRADUATE LIFE at DUKE UNIVERSITY: A report on the 2005-2006 survey (2006)
Judith Ruderman and Elizabeth Kiss, with assistance from Matt Serra

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RENEWING OUR SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: Promoting Academic Integrity at Duke University (2001)
The Duke University Academic Integrity Assessment Committee

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